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Jesus is our rest. In Him we truly find rest. Our hearts were made to find their rest in Him, and this is why He offers Himself. Just as He said to the apostles that day, He says to you; come away with Me. Away from all of the things that are vying for your attention. Away from all of the distractors and disruptors. Away to find your rest in Me. Away to revive your restful confidence in Me. Away to restore your joyful contentment in Me. Come away. Come away with Me.

The anchor of our hearts must be plunged deeply and rooted securely into the person of Jesus. If we are not careful the heart so easily gets entertained and entangled with things and stuff. The way that we attempt to generate a restful satisfaction morphs when we are not coming to Him for only Him and allowing Him alone to be our all and in Him finding our needed rest. In his book Prayer: Being Diligent to Enter into His Rest, Michael encourages the reader that rest in Jesus powerfully frees our hearts and transforms our lives.

"Rest must be seen, understood, and experienced in the context of the person of Jesus."

"His perfect love is constantly attempting to prove to my heart that Jesus is enough."

Prayer by Michael Dow

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