Book of BreakThrough

Good morning guys!  I wanted to share a story this morning about the greatest jazz musician of all time, Miles Davis.  By the late 1950s a 30 year-old Davis had already had a profound impact on the evolution of jazz.  It wasn’t enough.  Miles was searching for more.  An acquaintance of his, a music theorist named George Russell, had published a book suggesting a new musical theory.  It was called The Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization.  Inside its pages was the key that unlocked what is today called ‘Modal Jazz.’  Armed with this new concept, Miles recorded Kind of Blue in 1959.  It is the best-selling jazz record ever, and is widely considered the greatest jazz album of all time.  It is also considered the most influential.  The key to musical breakthrough was contained in an obscure, ridiculously-titled book.


As Christians, we look to God to direct us and bring new and exciting things in our life.  He has a book for us.  The Bible may seem intimidating.  It can look large, has funny-sounding names, and is split up into different sections and books, but the Holy Spirit has written breakthrough on every page.  It doesn’t take an understanding of musical theory to understand the Bible, but it does take the Holy Spirit to open our eyes and grant us understanding.  As we read the Bible and ask God to grant us revelation, He speaks to us through His written word and reveals the truth and clarity that will change us forever.  God’s word is life.  Jesus said,

Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God – Matthew 4:4

Whatever we are going through, God is waiting to speak to us through His word.  God is waiting for you to seek Him in the pages of the Bible.  Let’s get hungry for breakthrough, and let’s search His word, the Bible, with an expectation and prayer that God will speak in a profound way, and change our life forever!

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