Good morning Saints!


The greatest prize in life isn’t finding the perfect wife, having kids, living a great career, making money, having money, having a nice house, car, social class, popularity, etc. You might think that those things give you life maybe that is why you might think they are great prizes. Can I tell you that the greatest prize you can receive on earth is an intimate relationship with God himself Jesus Christ. 

See, Jesus gives life and is life. John 10:10b reminds us that Jesus came "so we might have life and have it abundantly."

True fact, you find Jesus you find life and if you decide to walk with him in your life you will have everything that fulfills you. Jesus Christ himself fulfills you. Never stop seeking the true prize in life who is Jesus. Remember, you didn’t choose Jesus first. He chose you first. So today say this Prayer: Dear Jesus, thank you for life and life abundantly I ask you Lord to continue to allow me to walk in an intimate relationship with you, allow me to keep the prize in my heart and mind always. Thank you Lord. Amen

God Bless you Men of God and go be great today!!!

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