Ever wonder where God is in your life sometimes? Ever wonder if God is working in you or in your life? The absence of God speaking doesn’t mean he is not working for you in this season. We all go through different seasons of life. One of the best seasons of life is sometimes the season where God is silent.

Psalm 46:10 says: “Be still and KNOW I am God”.

We must know God is God therefore; we can relax. We do not have to have everything all figured out. We don’t have to always have the right answer. We don’t always have to be anxious. Or always on to the next thing, next house, next relationship, next car and the list goes on. Sometimes God wants us to “Be Still” in a season. That means a deep silence and being calm. Maybe today is the day where you position yourself to be still in life; maybe this is your “be still” season. Let us learn from this verse and be still and know God is God. Lets enjoy this day, season and relax. Its time for us to enjoy this life by resting is God knowing He is who He said He is. Rest, relax and have a GREAT Day!!!

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